Champion Pure Malted Paws "Potato" Ban Poitin

​Brown Mkl Tabby Short Hair Straight Ear

(happily retired)

​~Poitin is a raw spirit or 'moonshine' that was traditionally distilled from potatoes~

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Barley (IMP) of Pure Malted Paws

Blue Point Scottish Short Hair Fold 

~ Barley is a Scotch Whisky ingredient~

Pure Malted Paws

Scottish Folds & British Shorthair

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Master Grand Champion "Gio" Johnnie Walker of Pure Malted Paws

Awarded CFF

Best Cat National

Best Cat Eastern Region

Best Scottish Fold National & Eastern Region

Best Brown Mkl Tabby Scottish Fold Show Year 2015-2016

~ Johnnie Walker is a brand of American Whiskey~