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Cats & Kittens

I have taken up the hobby of creating cat pods through a process called wet felting. The pods give my kitties a soothing effect when showing due to the warmth and security of being encased inside. 

To enhance a calming effect, I use chammille and lavender soaps in the felting process as aromatherapy.

These pods are 100% wool & 100% hand-made!

These are examples of pods I have designed 

~ your choice ~

note: pods made by design and size may vary from pictures

Felting wool is a fascinating process

if you are not familiar with how it works please research - its amazing!

Cat Pods can be made to order - these are just a few styles.

Range from $50 for a 13" small round to $120 for a 20" oval XXLarge

shipping available for additional cost

if interested please email me at shorton68@cox.net